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Get $100 OFF a Sylvan Program*

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If you're searching for a 2nd grade math tutor to help your child master essential math skills, turn to Sylvan. We use the SylvanSync™ teaching system so your child will learn in an interactive and engaging way. Using iPads®, our lessons capture students’ attention and maximize results — and our mySylvan™ online tool keeps you informed and involved by providing updated progress reports and activities your child can do at home.

Your 2nd grader will learn:

  • Numbers – Write a numeral in hundreds, tens and ones when given an illustration; identify the value of each digit for numbers through 999; understand the concept of equivalence
  • Addition & Subtraction – Demonstrate associative, commutative and zero property of addition; develop computational fluency in addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division – Understand concept of multiplication as repeated addition; understand concepts of multiplication and division using concrete objects and pictorial representation
  • Fractions – Separate regions into parts using halves, thirds and fourths; read, shade and write fractional parts of a region and group
  • Geometry – Identify figures with line symmetry; identify characteristics of plane figures; name solid figures including cube cylinders, cones, rectangular prisms, spheres and pyramids
  • Time & Money – Combine and identify the value of a coin collection up to $5.00; tell time to the quarter-hour; identify time relationships including minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a year
  • Graphing – Collect data and create a bar graph; solve simple word problems based on data from picture and bar graphs
  • Measurement – Estimate and measure length using centimeters and inches; capacity using liters, cups and pints; and temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Problem Solving – Select the appropriate operation and strategy to solve word problems; solve problems using basic pictures, charts and tables; begin to solve basic, one-step equations

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