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Get $100 OFF a Sylvan Program*

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If you're searching for a 5th grade math tutor to help your child master essential math skills, turn to Sylvan. We use the SylvanSync™ teaching system so your child will learn in an interactive and engaging way. Using iPads®, our lessons capture students’ attention and maximize results — and our mySylvan™ online tool keeps you informed and involved by providing updated progress reports and activities your child can do at home.

Your 5th grader will learn:

  • Addition & Subtraction – Add multi-digit numbers without using a calculator; subtract multi-digit numbers without using a calculator
  • Area & Volume – Calculate the perimeter, area and volume of a square or rectangle using formulas
  • Decimals – Identify the place value for decimals for tenths, hundredths and thousandths; write the decimal equivalent of a fraction with a denominator of 1,000; multiply a decimal by a whole number
  • Fractions – Express a fraction in its simplest form (lowest terms); find the lowest common denominator for a pair of fractions; express mixed numbers as improper fractions and improper fractions as mixed numbers
  • Geometry – Identify the center, radius, diameter and circumference of a circle; construct a circle with a given radius; measure angles using a protractor
  • Graphing – Construct and solve word problems involving line graphs and bar graphs; draw circle graphs and solve related word problems
  • Measurement – Perform conversions between linear metric units, including related addition or subtraction problems; perform conversions between metric units of capacity and mass
  • Multiplication & Division – Identify and use the inverse operation for multiplication; use the distributive property to find products; identify and use the rules of divisibility for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10
  • Numbers – Identify the place value and value of each digit in numerals through the billions; use estimation strategy of compatible numbers and computational strategy of compensations; list prime and composite numbers less than 50
  • Problem Solving – Solve problems using basic graphs, charts and tables; begin to solve basic, one-step equations; solve problems using a given formula
  • Time & Money – Compute basic operations with units of time including the basic concept of time zones

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