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If you're searching for an 8th grade math tutor to help your child master essential math skills, turn to Sylvan. We use the SylvanSync™ teaching system so your child will learn in an interactive and engaging way. Using iPads®, our lessons capture students’ attention and maximize results — and our mySylvan™ online tool keeps you informed and involved by providing updated progress reports and activities your child can do at home.

Your 8th grader will learn:

  • Algebra – Use algebra to represent situations and to solve problems, especially those that involve linear relationships
  • Geometry – Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the measure of one side of a right triangle when the other two sides are known; identify the relationship between sides and angles of triangles; identify sine, cosine, and tangent; construct congruent triangles
  • Statistics – Predict outcomes using probability; create and interpret data in a frequency table and histogram; interpret data displayed by a box plot; use data to create a scatter plot and draw conclusions; solve problems involving combinations or permutations
  • Problem Solving – Calculate unit rates or the unit cost using a proportion; determine compound interest; choose and use an appropriate problem solving strategy

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