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Get $100 OFF a Sylvan Program*

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For quality 6th grade tutoring that can help your child excel in the classroom and beyond, you can count on Sylvan. Our teachers know how to focus, engage and motivate students — whether it's for math, reading or writing — and help unlock the skills they need to succeed.

What you and your 6th grader can expect:

  • Give your child the tools they need for sixth grade success in the classroom with our team of supportive instructors
  • Our SylvanSync™ teaching system delivers our math and reading programs in an interactive and engaging way. Using iPads®, our math and reading lessons capture students’ attention and maximize results
  • Our math program focuses on the essentials, such as: multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, problems using mixed numbers, adding and subtracting negative and positive integers, order of operations, algebraic equations and much more
  • Utilizing our “token” system we’ll make it easier for your child to gain information from reading, comprehend text, increase vocabulary analyzing and understanding larger bodies of words as well as roots and affixes
  • Have your child master their sixth grade writing skills by first mastering the process, and then applying composition techniques — from topic sentences and details to transitions
  • Strengthen study skills by use of a daily planner to independently prioritize and complete everything from homework to major projects; and learn valuable research skills as well as test-taking strategies
  • When it comes to academic success, there’s no better way to achieve it than through homework. Sylvan provides personalized homework help, no matter what the subject, to ensure completion and motivation
  • Our personalized test prep provides your child the confidence they need come test day. We identify areas that need help through pre-testing and work on them continuously until competency levels are strong — giving both students and parents confidence and peace of mind on the big day

Find out how Sylvan can help your child reach his or her full potential.
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